Bowie said it the best when he said:
Chris Lederer and Megan Brownlow also said it, but they took sixteen pages. TheĀ face of the media industry is changing, entertainment is reaching more people, and thus audiences are becoming more diverse. Multiple platforms are beginning to emerge, and content creators are being given more tools. This means that in order to remain a successful media producer, one must cater to and understand these changes. Lederer and Brownlow explored this idea with regards to how media is being received, they were able to identify that there was a direct correlation between the percentage of under 35’s in a country and the growth of its Media industry. In other words, it is clear that progress is favouring the media literate, those with an understanding of how to reach content are usually the most engaged. This is where media companies need to learn how to distribute properly, in order to expand their audience.

Another finding was that although the channels of distribution are rapidly changing, the content people want is still most important. Content has remained specific to demographic, location and preference, therefore companies need to be creating the desired content, and distributing it through the right channels.

Basically the findings conclude that there needs to be an overarching sense of coherence in the industry, strong content needs to be managed correctly, in order to ensure the correct distribution and access methods are used, which will enable successful growth in the media and entertainment industry.