Much Ado About Nothing Review: friends having fun

Much Ado About Nothing Review: friends having fun

I liken this to This Is the End. Yeah, they’re both comedies, but it’s because they are just films that a group of filmmaker and actor friends made together for fun. You can really see this in Much Ado About Nothing.

Based on the shakspeare play, it follows benedic and Beatrice at a party held by the king, or lord, I don’t really know because I was sort of thrown off at the start with the Shakespearean dialect. Even though it takes some adjusting, as in its a film that you need to focus on to understand it, it is a lot of fun. Joss whedon directs this film, which took 12 days to film at his house with a bunch if his actor friends including Alexis denisof, Nathan Fillion, Amy acker, Fran kranz and Clark Gregg.

It was well made for a film that was made in such a short period of time. It’s in black and white, which worked for it well.

The standout of the film was the physical humour, which is something that the script would have allowed some improvisation with. Nathan Fillion was an expert at this as Dogberry, the bumbling police officer.

I really enjoyed this film, even if it took me a while to get into it. You could really feel the energy that was put into this and the fun they had making it.