Thoughts on Wiki

Thoughts on Wiki

It’s week 11 and I’ve done 1 1/2 wiki pages.

I think that the creativity of these wiki pages can be awesome. You can make videos, photo essays, memes, yet I think most people are sticking with written words. The people in Networked Media are focused on getting it done rather than feeding the idea. You have no real boundries as to what you can do in these pages.

I’ve done one full wiki page, which I had a good group for. We all pitched in and did an even amount of work. It was a faux interview with Bill Gates children about the death of the zune, and their (fictional) segregation from their classmates who used apple products. I enjoyed writing this because it wasn’t all serious. It still covered the information about the zune but it done creatively in something that is definately not objective.

The other page I’ve done is only 1/3 done. I’ve put up my section of the page but am still waiting on my group members to contribute. This was the first wiki assigned to the class. One things for sure, I’m not going to do it all.

I feel that nobody is really taking this task that seriously and while it is ok to pace through these subjects at the minimal effort to pass (well, not really but a pass is a pass), people should challenge themselves. This is the realisation I’ve come to. Why not try to make something nobody’s made before.

My plans for the next two wikis are a bit more ambitious, but I’m sure once I’ve completed it I’ll think of something better to create.