Far From The Maddening Crowd HK: Volume 3 – Ho King Shopping Centre (Video Game Heaven), Mong Kok

If you aren’t a gamer and you have not been to “that place in Mong Kok, up the escalator,” then you’re definitely missing out. I remember discovering this place completely accidentally, when there were around only three or four game shops and the rest of the space was taken up by Asian porno stores.

Obviously word got around, and they are now exploding with business. Now, approximately 80% of the shop space is electronics related, and the primary items of sale consist of various consoles, games, phone accessories, DVDs, cheap hi-fi equipment, and other similar products. Unfortunately for those of you who haven’t heard of free Internet porn, I think adult video stores up there are now a thing of the past, or maybe there is one place left.

HK Mongkok Ho King Commercial Building mall corridor Oct-2012
A tiny section of smartphone accessories that are on offer.

Each game store has hundreds of second-hand games for sale for almost every single console (even PS2 and OG Xbox games!), some at a ridiculously cheap price. Do not be put off by this, they let you check the condition of the disc before you hand over your money. Out of all my years of going to the shops in this “game district”, I have never had a problem. Well, once I bought “The Walking Dead: Season 2” which was programmed to be played by American Xbox consoles, but I took it back and explained my problem and they had no trouble allowing me to choose another game.

HK Mongkok Ho King Commercial Building mall interior shops Oct-2012
This is what happens if you go too early/late.

Here is the Facebook page of the main gaming shop in the shopping complex:

The address is:
Shop 31 , 1/F , 2-16 Fa Yuen St, Ho King Shopping Centre, Mong Kok, KLN., H.K.

HK Mong Kok night Ho King Shopping Centre escalators n lift lobby visitors queue Dundas Street Oct-2012
This is what the entrance to Ho King Shopping Centre looks like.

Look around, and you may find some really random shops. At the moment, I know there’s an organic, luxury coffee bean and barrister shop; something that’s considered quite unusual in Hong Kong (especially in Mong Kok). I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be around, considering I’ve seen about 50 different random shops open and close up there, but it’s definitely worth a browse. One thing for certain is that the game stores get constant business, and have survived for years. There’s a shop called “Game City”, where the walls of the store are literally created with stacks of games for sale (impressive construction in true HK style). They have even hired someone who knows the walls inside out, and can find your game within seconds. Yes they also have cheap smartphones/iPads/consoles.

HK Mongkok Ho King Commercial Building shop sign games Oct-2012
Half of the entrance to Game City (no shot of the “game brick wall” though).

Take the time to go through the piles of second hand games, you might come across something surprising. Expect to find games no one plays anymore for around $40HKD – $80HKD ($5USD – $10USD), and more recent releases to go anywhere from $100HKD to $350HKD ($13USD – $45USD).

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