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Generations of people have walked this planet, from all over the world, each with a different story to tell. Fortunately for us in the 21st century, technology has become such an important and common aspect in our lives that almost everyone’s narrative can be shared and heard. Instead of saying we are too out of touch with people on a global scale, we are now sick of constant Facebook updates reminding us when someone is going to the gym next. Here at Code for Australia (CfA), we bring people in the tech community together and figure out how to use the constantly new and improved results of an ongoing technological revolution to our advantage, for you.

A 21st century government needs 21st century thinkers, and the future implies that technology is going to be an increasingly popular supplement to our lives. By collaborating with designers, developers, and coders from around the world, Code for Australia has succeeded in the gradual inclusion and promotion of tech in every day life, and increased the public’s awareness of civic-tech. We aim to gather people who are as passionate about tech as we are, and explore the possible implications and benefits it could potentially hold for all Australians.

Code for America is where this idea originally started:

An example can be seen with a project completed recently at our Civic Lab in NSW. This new app helps parents find appropriate schools for their children based on the details they input (such as age, preferred education certification, location, etc.). Feedback has been outstanding, and Code for Australia continues to strive for excellence in making life simpler with tech. Just because it has a screen doesn’t mean you should be scared! Check out our Civic Lab program here.

Knowledge has been passed on through generations of DNA, and we want to share what we have learnt about tech over the years. By aiming to help spread awareness about civic-tech and how it can benefit your community, we can guarantee that amazing things will continue to come for generations. Join us at our new mentorship program, #CfADNA, where we train volunteers who want to make a difference to the world. Designer? Coder? Developer? All? We’re Interested!

Get in on the fuss at #CfADNA, and find out more at our website at:

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This piece of work is for an RMIT assignment, for the course titled Impact & Influence in PR. There is no mentorship program. thank you!

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