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For a while now since beginning my study of Media at RMIT I have been stumped as to how I may answer the questions I continually ask myself – Why Uni…Why RMIT… Why Media.
I had chosen this subject to initially expand my skills involved with filming and editing – I didn’t know what I wanted to study but I knew my passion lied with filming and if my hobby was going to take priority of a solid career choice, I wanted to be darn good at it.

HOWEVER – through dragging my unmotivated self through first semester, I found more reasons to leave than to stay. I felt as though I wasn’t being taught anything, and anything that I was being taught I could do so by saving a lot of money and start googling. What we were being taught I felt that I already knew, or it held to creative spark in my opinion.

So much so that I began dismissing lectures, luckily enough not to dismiss the first [un]lecture for networked media.

The lecture taken, I felt – was one that focused on specifically answering the questions I couldn’t…with really, really good answers. Told that this lecture will now be an unlecutre – more of a discussion than a presentation, I immediately locked my iPhone and began to pay attention. As I began to not only hear, but listen – ideas started forming in my head about the things he was saying…specifically the notion of bringing up students as T-Shaped people. People with a lot of depth in one area, as well as breadth in a vast amount of others. We were told that instead of being taught things that google can teach you, instead of the ‘what is’ and the ‘how to’, it is more focused on the creation of ideas – the thoughts that spark ideas and concepts that only then are useful to the masterful insight of google.

Now we hold the creative ability to use these ideas in our blogs we have created. An “online persona” for the outside world to piece together and perhaps even influence or inspire new ideas to add to the network.

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