‘Film Seminar’ – A New Hope (post 8 – Final)

SUCCESS! As hectic as today was I felt it was a great success. I gained valuable knowledge from Clayton Jacobson, Alicia Gleeson and Julian Lucas.

The day started off at 2.30 where the team met at building 9. James, Nat and I needed the candy bar table in building 80 so we lugged the wheeled table across buildings and into the seminar room. I spent the next half an hour just unpacking all the lollies and decorating the candy bar. Luckily Caley brought a mass amount of chocolate so as to fill up the white space with chocolate bars that were aligned based on their type (as you’d see in a regular candy bar at the movies). Caley also brought a range of red bull drinks that her friend had kindly donated from his work so we poured ice into a bucket and put all the drinks in. Unfortunately we turned the popcorn machine on too late to do all 10 packets so Linh and I searched the building for microwaves to pop them. Thankfully we found some on level 9 and popped all the popcorn in time to run downstairs and pour them all into the popcorn cups.

My job was then to be a ‘candy bar lady’ and hand out the popcorn cups during intermission.

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