Integrated Media 2 – Week 2 lecture.

                                            ‘Generation Like’ Documentary


How does this documentary alter your understanding of the way you use social media?

Whilst this documentary does not entirely alter my perception of the way in which I use social media,  it, rather assertively emphasizes the ridiculously high degree to which we uphold the ‘likes’ we get on Facebook. Not only do we uphold these ‘likes’ but we use them as identifiers of who we are. Furthermore it opened my eyes to how we social media users are ourselves subconscious promoters of brands/companies as we ‘like’ them on the journey to creating our online ‘identity’.


What connections can you make with the role of a Social Media Producer?

In wanting to establish an online audience which supports the brand/company a SMP works for, the SMP must understand the way in which they can use fb as a mechanism whereby the users simultaneously ‘like’ a page for their own sense of self and also, as a marketing technique. The SMP needs to be able to use statistics, such as when a user likes many pages, which allow access to the user’s extended community which can be also targeted.


“Networked media is like a dance”… yeah, I can see that.

At the last ‘unlecture’ I attended, Adrian had asked us to think of involving ourselves in networked media as though beginning a new dance. Since dance occupies about 75% of my time I understood where he was coming from. But to put it in my own words: When you learn a new dance, you don’t know the steps you’ll be taught. You don’t know how well you’ll execute each move. There might be the occasional jump or sequence you’ve never done, yet find yourself able to complete (even if you do it a little clumsily). There are the simple moves… The moves you’ve done before.. Those are the moves you know you’ll ace… They’re the moves you find comfort in. Then, there are the hideously frightening moves. Moves you’ve never in your wildest dreams imagined you were capable of.. They are moves that not all can execute… and many afraid to even try.

I chose this image particularly because of a point I’m trying to make which is : if  you lend yourself to the craziness of networked media, I think you’ll find a sense of calmness synonymous with this picture. I know it’s a little different from the way everyone’s been discussing the networked media as some horrific and uncontrollable ocean that’s ready to strangle you to death if you’re not prepared for it. But I truly think it’s as simple as being open-minded, being open to new -albeit different- experiences. Therein lies the peace we eternally long for.

But hey, what do I know? I’m only speaking from personal experience… I hope that’s a valid enough source to offer you some peace also 🙂