Virtual Tour Panoramas

Jake and I were in charge of taking all of the RAW JPEG photos for the Building 16 Virtual Tour. The photos are going to be stitched together into panoramas and then uploaded onto the virtual tour website.

It was very time-consuming taking all of the individual photos, however it was enjoyable as the interior architectural design of Storey Hall is so intricate and beautiful. We had mapped out exactly where we needed each panorama to be and followed this map from level one up to level 5. At each point, we set the camera up on the tripod and slowly took photos as we moved it around in a complete 360 degree turn. We had to make sure the spirit level was perfectly in the middle so we would be able to properly stitch all of the individual photos together into a photo-sphere.

Both Jake and I agreed to take the photos using a slow shutter speed with quite a narrow aperture. This allowed the camera sensor time to let all of the different colours inside Storey Hall saturate the image, an aesthetic we both like.

I’m very happy with how the final images turned out and I’m looking forward to seeing them as panoramas.






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