As expected with any media production, I have encountered a number of difficulties leading up to the shoot.

1. I called Nicole Jenkins from Circa Vintage¬†and asked her how I could go about finding dresses resembling those from 1917. She told me that I wouldn’t have much luck finding anything at all – she personally doesn’t have anything of that type and (as I already discerned) costume shops rarely have costumes pre-1920’s Gatsby style. Unless I have them made for me (which is out of the question considering my small budget), her advice was that I try to “create the look”. And that is what I will do. I have already found a number of dresses at second-hand clothing stores and I have everything I need for the male costumes (white t-shirts, suspenders, boots and caps). Once I have more I will upload photos of the individual pieces into a post.

2. Three of my cast members have pulled out and can no longer make it on the day. This means that I’m going to have to replace them all.

3. I’m still unsure how to go about creating a smooth single take as I don’t have the budget to afford a dolly or any type of professional stabiliser (such as a Movi or Ronan). I am considering using a trolley or even a wheelchair and having someone push me along.

While these are all setbacks, I am confident that if I focus and work hard enough everything will come together.


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