WEEK 8-Friday class

After some feedback from both the panel and tutor, Nate and I have decided to move away from live streaming as the focus for PROJECT FOUR, and have to travel back towards interactivity as a primary focus. We plan to incorporate elements of Snapchat, to explore the narrative aspects of the service within skate video. Our prototype is leading towards a hybrid version of Snapchat, which would incorporate tagging and linking between users. Some of the formatting from Pinterest, which visually links images, could be applied to video.

From these videos a story of sorts could be created, which is entirely created from user-generated content. The framework is quite loose, with tagging and linking between relevant content creating the majority of the process. There would need to be some sort of moderation, as by nature Snapchat videos are spontaneous, and therefore lacking in production value. There is a similar website for Vines, called Vine.co, which collects the most popular Vines, and presents them within one website.

It is undecided how much of this platform we will be able to create, i.e whether we should make it within an existing service, or create a realistic representation of what we imagine the website/app to look like.

As Seth said, it is important to not get caught up in the technical aspect of it, which I think is very crucial for us to keep in mind as we progress with PROJECT FOUR.

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