Media 6: Week 2, Errol Tyson

Week 2 | Opportunities and Trends in The Global Entertainment Industries
Chris Lederer & Megan Brownlow, ‘’A World of Differences’: Special Report: Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016-2020’. Price Waterhouse Cooper

The second week’s reading left me very confused and I felt as if I didn’t absorb much of the information. It was far more business orientated than what I am usually accustomed to. I found the part about the sales of physical music media quite interesting, as the data fluctuates between countries so heavily. Additionally, the fact that one singular artist such as Adele (via CD sales) could influence this statistic is particularly interesting.

The newer technologies seem like the easiest way to move forward, yet this statistic skewed by what the market is most accustomed to. This is similar to I, and many people born at a similar time feel-both technologies are available, and we are capable of operating both, but it comes down to personal choice about what is more preferable.

The reading primarily looked at ‘Entertainment and Media’, and the key trends affecting this on an international scale. There were a number of factors displayed, often within the same graph. Interestingly, the countries that had the biggest increased spending of E&M (in relation to GDP) were often the least developed, with Venezuela and Argentina topping the graph and US, Japan and Australia at the other end of the scale.

This report didn’t have a huge amount of relevance to what I studying or interested in, but in a broader sense it is always a positive to be aware of the larger situation. As somebody who is interested in travelling overseas to work, this piece is a good place to start to think about the wider implications and developments of technologies and media.

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