Pitch Presentation – Feedback!

Okay so after a very frantic, fever-like and intense presentation that I was pretty happy with, I got some very encouraging feedback from both Michelle and Lucy. They both liked my approach of having a second-hand perspective, noting that they had stopped writing and taking notes because I was taking them through my crafted world personally. You could attribute this to my presentation being so late in the day and that they were worn out but I take solace in the fact that the visualisation of my words was effective on them and my classmates.

The one piece of advice that I am going to focus on, however, came from Lucy and she said that she loved the sense of mystery that my world invoked. The main aim of my presentation was to talk explicitly about the world. No characters, plot or story. An exercise that, a few weeks ago, I would’ve found so difficult to do but seemingly managed to pull of quite (in my opinion, at least) successfully and the results of that were pretty close to my expectations. By leaving out story elements, characters and plot, there were many questions to be asked and even though there are very specific rules to this world, there’s still so much mystery to every element in that world. I had rehearsed this line in my presentation but unfortunately forgot to say in its entirety at the tail end of my pitch that went a little something like this…

Who you are, why and how you got in this situation remains unknown. The broader world that exists outside of this room will also be unraveled throughout the plot of this short and I know you must have a bunch of questions for me, which is good!

I think I missed that final bit at the end which I feel would’ve made a good deal of difference because it might not have come across in the pitch but I wanted to encourage questions from everybody and from all angles. Thankfully Lucy did pick up on the fact that I had such a vivid image of a world constructed but some of the elements in that world didn’t have their plot significance explained which allows for a wealth of potential in the story.

Overall, I did a great job. My only misgiving is that the looming time dilemma influenced the delivery of my words a lot. Had I felt more comfortable about the time constraints, I would’ve been a lot more emotive and expressive to help drive that visualisation home for my class mates a little nicer. I hope you understand, Stayci.


EDIT: Upon discussing it with my classmates in Wednesday’s session one key piece of feedback back received that I really enjoyed was that because my world was so contained, it didn’t have the potential to house a large scope of characters which is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. It seemed to be a criticism but I really liked that that was the impression my presentation gave off.