My life as of now

Soooooo I got this game on Steam. It’s called Spelunky.

What the game is is that you’re an Indiana Jones type cage dweller armed with a whip to begin with. You progress through stages saving people and collecting all kinds of treasure.

The game is super hard and really unforgiving to the most human careless moments. But by Glob is it fun. It’s actually taking up all my time. I can’t blog because I’m playing it so why not make a blog about it?

Here’s a screenshot off my laptop. I’m not closing it you can’t make me.

What’s really awesome about this game is that each level is randomly generated EVERY time you play. So you’re getting a new experience every time you start.

I suggest you buy it but only for people who are experienced at gaming. The learning curve is very tough and it relies on super rad reflexes and multitasking.

Anyway I’m gonna go play it now. L8rz