Week 2

I found week 2’s reading very interesting and there was a lot to take from it. It’s keen focus on the idea that localised content in a digital age that is rapidly being consumed by globalisation is an extremely interesting one, and hard to deny. It’s hard to deny the popularity of Reality TV shows such as Masterchef, or the Bachelor, but as the readings suggest it is the “Local Characteristics” which gauges so much interest in these shows, even though they are found the world over.

As far as future trends are concerned I couldn’t agree more on it’s understanding of how digital media will have to adapt to survive consumer demand, most notably, ““The ability to design and curate your own media diet has been one of the most powerful trends to emerge in the industry.” For instance, When I consume content I like on Netflix, it will recommend television shows others have watched that have similar interest. Alternatively, it could be also apart of the cable cutting movement, so instead of having a single subscription, like foxtel, I can have multiple, such as Netflix, NBA stream, EPL stream, HBO etc.

This still returns to the original idea of localisation as the content that I can access on my Australian netflix, will be different to that of someone who has access to the UK, US or Canadian netflix. The local and global forces acting against each other.

““As such services gain traction, it’s clear that some
consumers may opt for a set of “pure” à la carte offerings
to keep costs down. And fewer will pay a premium
price for a mundane collection of channels that they can
watch only on television. But the traditional bundlers are
adapting rapidly, and they have substantial advantages
and large customer bases. As a result, we believe the bulk
of digital OTT mass-market services will gradually be
reabsorbed into aggregated offerings that will echo the
traditional analog-style bundle, but that will be more
flexibly priced and available on a full range of devices. “

I believe this is almost exactly like what optus have offered with the EPL bundle, whereby you use Optus as your mobile phone service provider, to gain access to their Exclusive English Premier League streaming service you can’t get elsewhere (legally).

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