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Film 3 has been a really thorough and enjoyable hands on exploration of project developments and industrial production methods of drama and documentary filmmaking. With a practical approach from the outset, “do it to learn it”, our studio with Paul Ritchard has evolved from class exercises and activities based around developing our individual and collaborative filmmaking skills to the production of our own short film projects. It has been highly beneficial to have a creative and ongoing discourse throughout this process that has revolved around questions such as; what makes something a documentary or drama? What methods do we adopt when agreeing to one form or the other? What constitutes narrative? How do we investigate and develop form and aesthetic? How will we approach our own production of a fiction or nonfiction project? This focus to our work has allowed a broad area of filmmaking to suit each and every one of us in some way or another, allowing us to explore our own creative interests supervised closely with a tutor. Paul has also provided many one on one tutorials to develop our skills in post production, an area that I myself was completely unfamiliar with before this studio.

Accompanying this practical study has been ongoing individual reflection focused on the relationship between theory and practice. Our experience and response to the process through the blog has been a productive way to strengthen our critiquing and evaluating skills.

As we have been encouraged to focus on the discovery process rather than the ‘final piece’ or ‘result’, our clips are indicative of our individual explorations and therefore reflect some aspect of the filmmaking process that is of personal interest to us.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
I’m here today to present to you our teams work this year in Film three.
Robin, our enthusiastic and experienced tutor, has managed to guide and mentor us through the course work where we learned an awful lot, and for that and your patience, we thank you.

We were able to learn the distinction between film & documentary and more importantly, why sometimes there doesn’t need to be any distinction at all.
In Film three the practical coursework is unlike most of the subjects you would have experienced before. Instead of being told to go out and bring back a specific shot or sound, Film 3 really allows you to roll up your sleeves and take the creative reigns of all your projects. It is through this engaging and hands on mentality for the coursework that everyday we are encouraged and convinced to grab a camera, a few friends, and go out and make something you believe in. From here we all learned the technical nuances, production techniques, and appropriate equipment required to create our own film. We were asked to reflect on everything we had learned or experienced in our blogs and eventually many of us here today were able to see at least some of our ideas and passion for film come to life.

We have a reel of short works from both Paul’s and Robin’s studios Some documentary, some fiction, some drawing from both. The diversity of ideas and creativity is a testament to the quality of individuals in these two studios. Each piece is roughly 30 seconds long, so please save your applause until the end.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Fabiana at end

And a special thanks to Sam and Brydan for putting together the Screener and the exhibition Reels
Aidan for designing the poster
Kiralee for designing the postcard
and Mimo and Mitch for designing and putting together the website
And extra special thanks to the Techs

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