Editing collaboration.

I always find it interesting editing other peoples’s work. You always have to be very particular when editing someone else’s work as people usually have a certain attachment to their ideas and will sometimes be seeing a very different project to you.

This is also the same reason why getting someone else to look over your work is so important. Last week I was helping Mitchel go over most of his videos and all the really interesting concepts he has managed to execute. It is in the editing process that these ideas have to be refined and possibly new meanings or originally unintended ideas emerge. During this session I just tried to assist Mitchel into finding the best cuts to make to ensure the best viewing experience for the audience.

Here we just made sure that in one of his films he achieved the intended plot or concept without having too much video and really throwing the idea in the audiences face so in this case, less is more, as is often the case during the editing process.

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