ROOM WITH A VIEW: Y3: S1: WK10: Feature Discussion

Holy moly, we’ve got to make a radio feature. Also, we’re going to air for a second time on the 22nd of May! Well, Olivia and Rose are hosting this time round. JJ will be panel operating. Sammy will control the social media feeds and I shall be producing. This time it’s not assessed, but it’s going to be pretty stressful for us to juggle that with the feature coming up. But, we’re a fan-bloody-tastic team, so we will get through it.

For our radio feature piece, we had been deliberating together over Facebook chat since just after the submission of our¬†individual interview assessment. We roughly outlined our topic, aims and possible interviewees to present to the class on Monday of this week. You can see that initial outline by clicking here ———. We’ve decided on looking at YouTube’s¬†utility for creative output. I thought it would be good if we involved an academic who’s studied film / digital media and/or cultural media. I initially thought Rohan Spong would be a good option as he is a filmmaker and very charismatic. But, turns out he is off filming somewhere far far away and isn’t teaching at RMIT this year! Ben Byrne is my next choice as I remembered being in an introductory Pop Culture class in my first year where he was my tutor and we made video blogs as part of an assessment. I have a few contacts who make content for YouTube channels, so I’ve been curating a list and getting feelers out.

I’ve sent out a bunch of emails and messages. Hopefully they’re all interested!

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