To tweet or not to tweet?

I’ve been really thinking about getting a Twitter. I have a sharp wit, grandiose social networking skills and a yearning thirst for pop culture. So am I twitter material?

It’s funny enough that it’s a big decision whether or not I can twitter. I think the main thing stopping myself is the constant fear of rejection… What if nobody follows me??! What if nobody re-tweets me (whatever that is)?? What if I can’t find my tweeteriffic voice and get lost in the bunch of half-assed pop culture references? The funny thing about social networking is that it thrives on an economy of acceptance and affirmation. The whole concept of ‘liking’ something has emerged from a casual thumbs up to what somebody’s doing online (hey, that’s pretty cool!) to a IF I DONT GET THIS MANY LIKES THEN NOBODY LOVES ME AND IM GOING TO FAIL AT EVERYTHING I EVER ATTEMPT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE 

Which is pretty terrifying. We’ve kind of emerged into creatures that thrive on acceptance (in the form of a button click from your peers); I know I have in some ways. I love when a joke I’ve made gets a lot of likes, it’s definitely confirmation that I’m pretty funny. Or a picture with heaps of likes will make me feel pretty. This is pretty sad, but it’s the way things are these days. There are Facebook famous people who have 300+ likes on their profile pictures, and they’re the envy of so many girls who feel not quite as attractive or accepted as them. But are these people really happy? I know a girl who has a few hundred likes on a particularly revealing profile picture and she’s shown me some of the perverted disgusting messages some random people have sent her and claims it’s not that big a deal that she’s got that many likes. We’ve reverted to being media whores who need to sexualise, publicise or promote ourselves in order to fit in.

So, should I get twitter? Or is that what society wants me to do…………….?

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