A thought about Immediacy

I’m currently sitting on a tram heading towards the city and I get a message from a friend Saul I haven’t spoken to in a few months. It says “hey, what’s up?” I casually pass it off as nothing too significant as he sends me these every so often just to touch base. The difference is that this time, after I responded “not much really, you?” I noticed that under his message it said “sent from Paris, France”.

Now today this isn’t actually a big deal because we are so used to the incredible immediacy we are offered by technology but what if we really stop and think about this..
With a device a little smaller than my hand, sitting on public transport and while listening to music and texting my mum, I can have an instant messaging conversation with a friend who is literally on the other side of the globe.
That’s amazing if you really think about it.. Imagine telling someone from 2000 that they’d be able to do that in just over a decade? Or imagine trying to explain that to someone from the 1960s? They’d laugh it off as bizarre science fiction. Or someone from the 1700s before the telephone connected you to the person in the next room or they even knewwhat was on the other side of the globe. They’d most likely have an old timey aneurism.
But then we complain because ohmygod my 3G isn’t even working bloody iPhone I hate my life omg

Anyway, after two glasses of Shiraz that kinda blew my mind. How easy is it to overestimate the technology we have access to?
The end xoxo

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