Well, it’s week one into Networked Media. I was mildly surprised and intrigued by the title of the lecture being called an “unlecture” when I saw it in the course guide. It was an interesting experience, very informal and casual instead of talking heads and lecture slides filled with information being thrown as me. I gotta admit the slides Adrian shown was really simple in terms to lack of long sentences and paragraphs, having a few dot points om each slide and using colourful imagery.

What make the unlecture flowed a bit more smoothly was Adrian’s charisma and his stance on conventional university learning process. With an interesting team of lecturers at the helm of an unique subject, it thrusts upon me the opportunity to be slightly less lazy, more creative and experiment with my writing. I hope that this subject can give me valuable skills for the media industry and the confidence I need to let others look at my written stuff.