Well, Week One’s required reading was very text-heavy and full with big scientific jargon that makes my head spin. But it did provide me with an insight into the theories of our learning processes and how human beings create their actions in difficult situations.

Single Loop Learning. If I understood it correctly, single-loop learning is the most common learning style which dominant in the area of mental and physical problem solving. So, using the governing variables of goals, values and beliefs and executing them with action strategies and techniques, it ends up as results and consequences. So by learning the results and consequences, we can use problem solving create new action strategies and techniques.

Now, it’s time for Double-Loop Learning. It’s pretty much similar to single loop learning  but extended with extra steps to undertake. Using the acquired results and consequences to increase our understanding of what we learnt, we reevaluate and reframe the existing goals and values. This learning style provides more problem-solving than single-loop learning.

It makes me think, do humans have a instruction manual?
Were we created to be predictable? Or to be the most complex piece of machine ever?