Scene in Cinema – Reflection/Epiphany 1

Our first studio for The Scene in Cinema had us doing practical work right off the bat. We were split into groups and given a prompt with which we had to block and organise a scene with no pre-production planning. This was a fantastic way of giving us all a taste of what we could expect from the course in the semester to come.

The differences between our scene and the other, with the same prompt was vast. Our shot was basically just a pan to rest on the actors. While the other had the boss positioned in from of the camera OTS, while the employee comes into the right side of the shot, basically facing the camera. The difference in status is made immediately clear, giving the boss and imposing and almost ominous tone, while the employee looks small and weak in comparison; at his mercy. Should have recorded to see how ours look, as i was acting I didn’t really get a chance to reflect on framing.

The real scene which our prompt was ripped from was essentially a combination of both, with some differences and was lot more dynamic. The actress enters the scene, speaking to the boss off camera. Upon announcing her engagement, the boss enters the scene shaking her hand. The boss then moves from screen left to right, changing the dynamic of their relationships, making it much more comfortable and casual.

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