FilmTV-2 – Question 2

I thought end of the line was amazing, although I’m sure almost everyone would agree. Considering what Paul said about it essentially being the work of one student, it seemed to have become an advantage rather than hinders nice. The interviews felt incredibly honest, intimate and candid. I terms of interviewees, I do felt that there was perhaps a little too much focus on the elderly woman who seemed fixated on death. I can see why she worked well as a subject, however we as an audience got the message relatively early into the peace, and it eventually just became tired and depressing, which I suppose could have been the directors intention. If I would have done it differently, I would have allowed more screen time for the youth at the pub, illustrating them blowing off stem, which to me seems a pretty integral part of the small town experience.

I thought the footage was very well done, the spareceness and colour of the landscape lent itself perfectly to the melancholy and reflective tone of the film. The haunting imagery of construction tape blowing in the wind and the rusted structures of the water tower make it appear as tbough the town has en neglected and forgotten by civilisation, further highlighting the perception put forward by the filmmaker of a town which i it’s own unique community and almost completely isolated.

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