Integrated Media Self-Assessment

What did you do well?
I engaged with the course readings and explored the ideas presented through my work in the sketch project, essay and major assessment. I experimented with different ways of shooting sketch tasks which I feel expanded my understanding of non linear storytelling and as well as prompting me to be more bold with the decisions I made.

What have I learnt to do better?
I learned how to use the Korsakow programme, which I had never heard of prior to to project. Experimenting with non linear storytelling and abstract imagery also broadened the way I view video in general.

What could you have learnt to do better?
I should have made an effort to go to more lectures and broaden my understanding of what was discussed as opposed to just the readings. I also could have been more invested in the major assessment, defining exactly what the content of each clip would be as opposed to working around the environment and interview subject, which would have made a more complete and concise piece of work.

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