Analysis/Reflection 2 – Q1

In the film Clown Train, sound is heavily used to create a sense of atmosphere and to punctuate certain events or actions within the film. Sounds like the screeching of train wheels and the hum of fluorescent light create a sense of discomfort within the film, while also establishing the location in which the events of the film take place. A deep bassy thud is also used to accent moments of realisation or the implication of fear is effectively used throughout the film, contributing to a sense of rhythm or impact within the parameters of the film. A subtle yet effective use of harsh strings and sub-tones heighten the sinister atmosphere of the plot. It is also important to note the use of silence within the film, which is effectively used to create a heightened sense of tension and suspense, adding to the drama of the overall piece. A film (or series of films) which utilises similar sounds to the same effect is the Saw franchise. The saw films rely on sound to heighten the implication of danger or fear which is omnipresent throughout all of the films. similarly, the sound designers utilise a similar technique in punctuating dialogue or events with a bass kick type sound in order to add emphasis to the events or actions. A very different film, the new Studio Ghibli animated adventure/romance, “The Wind Rises”, most of the diagetic audio is the recording of a human voice emulating the source of sound; for example. the sound of a plane propeller, locomotive engine, an earthquake. This decision provides a heightened sense of fantasy, surrealism, and childlike playfulness.

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