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Media 5


“A photograph is not a picture of something, but is an object about something.” 
Robert Heinecken, 1965 During our third-week guest speaker Rebecca Najdowski’s talk on alternative processes of photography – I found myself reflecting on all the old photographs… Continue Reading →


Within Bruce Sterling’s 1995 presentation ‘The life and death of media. at the 1995 International Symposium on Electronic Art, Montreal – Sterling outlined Multimedia as providing a platform for reimagining all ‘Dead’ and current media. It can be observed within… Continue Reading →


Within media, there is nothing as permanent as change. Media as a form is an ever changing body from video, photography and through to sound. Artefacts within this form adapt alongside developments in technology and the environmental demand. Technology runs… Continue Reading →

Week 2; Curse of the Archive

Archival documentation plays an enormous role in the way in which we understand media and create it. In accordance with Scannell (2011); The historical record is as ontologically inseparable from its recording instruments as the dancer is from the dance. (p.45)… Continue Reading →


Decorative Textile: -History of decorative textiles derives from early Military regimes and social movements as a means of identification.  (Source) – Manufacturing has not evolved beyond initial means, fabric cut to shape. Design Longevity ensured by edges being heat-sealed and more recently… Continue Reading →

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