Moodboard: Smith Street x Georgia Maq

Within the past week, I have continued my binge listening and exploration of cassettes as an old medium. After recording my B-Side first accidentally (clearly operating a cassette recorder was more complicated than I originally anticipated) I got a glimpse of the aural tone that the form has to offer. After sourcing what has lovingly been doted the Boombox by myself and the techies, followed by many treacherous travels to and from uni looking like an ironic idiot – I began to mildly regret my chosen exploration form, but there proved to be something warmly satisfying about hearing my mixtape come to life post-recording, after many battles with curious cats screwing up and dragging on the recording process.

One thing I found when beginning production of this mixtape was the refreshing simplicity of the actual recording process (the only real obstacle once again just two very curious kittens sleeping on my keyboard) thanks to the trusty Aux to AV connection meaning I could track the mixtape directly from my laptop (and probably my phone which I plan to explore a little further).

When curating together my B-Side I thought capturing songs which encapsulate a representation of my time in Melbourne would be a nice way to draw together a variety of familiar sounds to myself, songs which I have associative meaning with individually into a single form which progresses across various different artists. B-Side is noticeably more sombre and reflexive than my curation of songs for Side A – showcasing my personal development across three years. When selecting the songs I also listened to tracks which I thought would be enhanced through the cassette format that also added to the reflective and sombre vibes I was attempting to create for Side B.

Looking forward to when I began to plan and curate tracks for Side A, I chose to embrace my mistake and make the mixtape a selection of songs which are reflective of a point in time. Side B representing my Melbourne Self – showcasing various different songs which have soundtracked my 3 years of inhabiting a new city, meeting new people and experiencing new things – while Side A is symbolic of my Robinvale self, the 17/18-year-old version of myself looking forward to her new chapter while inhabiting familiar surrounds. Side A contains songs I associate with people, many of who across the three years regrettably (and not) have dropped off due to distance, interest and time. Side A reminds me of many hot summer nights spent drinking with friends in Mildura, laughing and being surrounded by people who I knew better than I knew myself.

Side A links to my Project Brief 2 where I utilised Decoupage to look at the curation of photographs and memories, from this I have chosen to expand my exploration of the impact of form on reception and associative memories.

Through choosing to do this past-self vs current-self approach to sides A and B, I will be able to explore various different iconology when it comes to designing the different cover arts across formats. I have begun creating a mood board of different aesthetics which I am considering drawing upon when creating the physical cover art for the Tape and CD while looking at various different Album Artwork which I find interesting and could utilise as inspiration for my digital playlists album art.

Side A
1. Lionheart – Buried In Verona
2. Tamale – Tyler The Creator
3. Feeling This – Blink 182
4. Covered In Chrome – Violent Soho
5. Grief – Earl Sweatshirt
6. Fat Lip – Sum 41
7. Donald Trump – Mac Miller
8. Prayer Of The Refugee – Rise Against
9. Lemon Meringue Tie – Dance Gavin Dance
10. Let Me In – Make Them Suffer


Side B
1. Footscray Station – Georgia Maq
2. Laika –  Will Wagner
3. Pretty Vacant –  Bayside
4. Thresher – Hellions
5. Rum Rage – Sticky Fingers
6. In The Aisle – Smith Street Band Cover
7. This Is Gospel (Piano) – Panic! At The Disco
8. Little One – Highly Suspect
9. Song For You – Smith Street Band
10. Adore You – Like A Version, Hellions


Note: Side B is subject to form restrictions of Spotify as tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, and 10 are taped off of Youtube covers which are found respectively here. 1, 4, 5, 6,7, 10