WK6 Tutorial

In class we watched a number of web series, that related to the set readings for the week. We then had to break up into groups and choose one that would work as a multi-platformed story. I am going to use ‘The Guild’ as an example for this. Not only has this been created for a niche target audience, but this is the best audience you could aim at over the internet. It targets internet users themselves, the “outsiders” of society, the gaming population, and those that have friends only via the internet. Take into consideration that everything that we do these days involves the web, which means that this target audience is a niche but huge market, that has been cleverly portrayed as a web series, that could potentially be spread across multiple platforms. The potential platforms where this could go is on a website, where it mimics what it does in the show, and has a live chat room, where the viewers can interact with each other, and become apart of the chat room element. You could create merchandise for the audience to want, and even figurines and collectable material. The website could include behind the scene footage, extra videos exploring just one character and their storyline. The website could be the central hub, and you could have multiple storylines stemming out from the main show ‘The Guild’. It could be another example of marvel, and could introduce another show very similar where the two shows are enemies, and the characters in one show talk about the other. The website could also bring these two shows together, and allow for two target audiences to meet up and create a bigger one. The idea of gaming could also be introduced within the website. Maybe you could play a game with the characters, or make your own real life character and interact with people just from your town or around the world, where you could then feel like you are apart of the web series. The game that is being played could even include rewards. For example, if you reach a level you might unlock a behind the scenes pass which leads you to an interview with the character of your choosing, or you may be able to view the next show before everyone else does. This show could definitely cross platforms, and become bigger than what it is, just by being different already.

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