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The world of Marvel – well, first of all, what a world! The storylines, the characters, the links, the entrances and the massive amount of content surrounding the films, tv shows and mini series. These somehow all link together, they all appear in most of the films in someway, to show the links between their individual story worlds. In class we went to the website called ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’, as we had to draw a map of how every element in the marvel universe links together and at what stage they do so. First of all, I grew up with a younger brother, so I have had my fair share of watching superhero films, and most of these I have watched multiple times, maybe not all the way through, but I knew about every character. When my brother was so invested I didn’t know why, I thought that he just loved all of the characters. little did I know that it was a massive world, that allows the viewers to interact with every component they released, whether that be films, tv shows or computer games. This website just reinforces how big this phenomenon is, and just how many links there are between the characters. The links are through the characters, their motivations, objects, events/history, organisation and location. These allow for this universe to work so well, along with the different tones/genres, high concepts, it is easy to digest, there is a simple plot, and multiple genres. The Marvel world is an example of a successful transmedia story that crosses different platforms such as film, tv, games, and comic books. It stands over all of these platforms and becomes a stronger piece as it does so. It is like a snow ball rolling down a hill, collecting everything in its path, getting bigger and more unstoppable. This universe backs my PB2 essay, saying that story isn’t dead. If the story in all of these components were lacking, it wouldn’t work, the content wouldn’t be as strong, the links not done properly, and most of all, without a good story you have no way of intriguing the viewer, and allowing them to understand what is happing throughout this epic story world.

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