Method of Working (Part 27)

Looking back at the ‘Carpark Scene New’ shoot, after it has been edited, it is clear that I have missed a lot. It is only when I got to the editing stage where I found out what I did wrong. Starting with the first shot, Paul said to me after I filmed it that if I am going to film feet, I need to be down at feet level, otherwise it looks strange and it doesn’t work. Where the feet end from one shot and start in the next, they are not in the same position, leading to continuity issues, resulting in jumpy edits. When the camera is tracking up in shot 2, it is too slow. The audience will be bored before the face is revealed. In this shot I made sure the solid object of the pillar was used. I had to make the most of my surroundings. While the conversation between the two characters is happening the shots are jumpy, caused from the editing, due to the continuity issues. From this conversation however, I was trying to practice framing through external composition, which is my main investigation for my Method of Working. This worked well and suggested to the audience that there is a second character offscreen. After this conversation the actor turns to walk away and I cut it to another foot shot, tilting the camera up to follow the actor. This shot I am still unsure about, because I don’t think it worked out as well as I had hoped. Again, the tracking movement was too slow, and the audience already saw where the actor was heading in the previous shot, so the ‘suspense’ wasn’t necessary. Having the same movement twice in one scene doesn’t work, as the second time it just becomes annoying. However I only think this now about the scene after seeing the final product. I didn’t notice while filming; as well as I didn’t notice the actor saying the wrong lines.

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