Method of Working (part 21)

From further investigations and a push into the right direction, I want to create several pieces that will help form the basis of my method of working. At this stage I will be going back and recreating the ‘Weekend Scene’ which was located within a car park, however this time take into consideration the elements that I didn’t do well or didn’t do at all last time. This way it will show me the improvement I have made, whether it has been more successful, and has it continued on from my method of working. This way I can take into consideration the comments I have received from the original scene, and develop a method of working that suits me, and allows me to create a piece that has a greater impact through framing, than the first one did. There was too much unwanted space, that distracts from the harsh lines in the car park that could have worked in my favour. With the tracking of the shots, there were also times when I tracked too far and made the location detract from the focus of the shot.

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