Method of Working (part 20)

At the end of this semester I plan on creating multiple scenes that bring everything that I have learnt together. I want them to be an investigation into my own methodology of working, not just one final piece. I want to be able to still learn from this and continue to explore how I wish to work. This further investigation will focus on coverage and framing, highlighting the points I have explored on this journey. I haven’t worked out a specific scene as yet, or how many I will do in total, however I wish to work with a script and a prose. Not only do I want to illustrate what I have learnt and how far I have come, I want to be confident in stepping outside of the box. Sometimes the perfect coverage wont be staring straight at me. I want to experiment with the camera until I identify what Paul said about the perfect shot. He said that you will stand back and say, that is perfect. And then I press record.

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