As a media student, you tend to search for meaning in every possible place you can, philosophise constantly and analyse everything. Case in point, the name I chose for my blog is both an Italian word and a media term and means ‘light and shade’. In terms of film, it’s mostly used in reference to beautifully lit black and white films that often use stark ‘chiaroscuro’ lighting to define both the mise-en-scene and narrative elements as well. But, as I said, I find the meaning in everything, so to me chiaroscuro lighting has always shown the true nature of a character, and shown that everything is not simply black and white, but a degree of blending between the two constantly. Media is a very interesting search for meaning, just like life, which it constantly seeks to replicate, capture and ironically criticise, all at the same time.

This semester I’ll be working in a very exciting studio with Kyla Brettle, exploring the creative and expressive elements of sound through the creation of audio non-fiction pieces, and possibly fiction later on. I’ll also be tackling some photography and popular cinema, so I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.

Anyway, that’s enough about me.

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