Train Dance

I consume the space around me as I sit and watch the two train cars flawlessly dance back and forth, intertwining with one another, perfectly in sync for one encapsulating moment, only to be thrown back out of sync.

They are however not out of sync, but rather catching up with one another, like a constant, lagging, domino effect, sending reverberations from train car to train car, creating an odd dance between the two. A dance which can only create a moment of stillness and beauty, the synchronising of the present and the past, for that is the dance of life, is it not?

Daily Creativity Challenge

Recently I’ve realised that I need to start doing something creative everyday, just a little bit at a time, so I can get through all the crazy creative ideas I have in my head and actually start creating and learning to create things that I’m proud of. I know that my degree is definitely helping, but I need to do some by myself. So I guess this project is a step towards something great.

A little creativity everyday keeps the day dreams, and philosophical ideas, at bay.