Daniel Binns

Program Manager

Academic Advisor, students commenced 2017

Research and studios: Cross-platform storytelling, media philosophy, cinema studies

Daniel Binns is a screenwriter, producer, and teacher of film and media studies. His creative practice is primarily short-form drama, observational essay films and smartphone filmmaking, and his theoretical bent is film genre and media philosophy. Daniel has produced documentary and lifestyle television across multiple continents and for several networks including Fox Sports and National Geographic. He is the author of The Hollywood War Film (Intellect, 2017) and he is currently writing about drone cinematography, the affordances of the vlog, and the changing nature of editing in film.

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Stephen Gaunson

Course Coordinator: Asian Cinemas, Australian Cinema, Textual Crossings: Literary Adaptation, True Lies: Documentary Studies

Research: Cinema studies, national cinemas, Australian film

Stephen Gaunson is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. In between teaching undergraduate courses on Australian cinema, film adaptation, and documentary studies he likes to research on Australian cinema, film adaptation, silent cinema, film exhibition and classical Hollywood. He is the author of The Ned Kelly Films (2013, Intellect Books) and has co-edited a number of collections on the history of film exhibition and distribution. He most recently co-edited (with Adrian Danks and Peter Kunze) the book American-Australian Cinema: Transnational Connections (Palgrave, 2018). In 2017 he was the recipient (with Dr Alexia Kannas) of the Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, Australian Awards for University Teaching.

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Alexia Kannas

Coordinator, Cinema Studies Contextual Stream

Course Coordinator: COMM2632 Popular Cinema, COMM1031 Introduction to Cinema Studies, COMM1036 Histories of Film Theory

Research and studios: Cultural industries, criticism, writing

Alexia Kannas is a writer and academic in the Media Program in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, who works principally in the area of Cinema Studies. Alexia completed her PhD in Film Studies at Monash University, where she also taught into English Literature and Creative and Academic Writing. She is the author of Deep Red (Columbia University Press/Wallflower, 2017) and Genre, Modernity and the Italian Giallo Film (forthcoming 2019, SUNY Press), and has written for a wide range of print and online media. She writes (or has written) about cult cinema, film sound, cinematic modernism, food, memory and nostalgia.

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Seth Keen

Current major project: FIRELENS

Course Coordinator: COMM2219 Networked Media

Research and studios: Digital audiovisual media, interactive documentary, community collaborations

Seth Keen is a new media educator, researcher, and designer in the School of Media and Communication, RMIT University. Seth brings together media and co-design practices to engage with contemporary wicked problems His track record of expertise is in the design of audiovisual media and image-based platforms. He has worked on collaborative projects with academic and industry research partners in the areas of development aid, cultural geography, social services and disaster resilience. Seth is a winner of a prestigious Good Design Australia Award in Social Impact, 2018.

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Brian Morris

Selections Officer

Academic Advisor, students commenced 2018

Course Coordinator: COMM2624 Media 1, COMM2629 Media 6

Research and studios: Photography, place, media practice

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Paul Ritchard

Studios Coordinator (COMM2625, 6, 7, 8 Media 2, 3, 4, 5)

Research and studios: Filmmaking practice, location, ecomedia

Paul Ritchard lectures in film production and is a member of the nonfiction lab and the Screen and Sound Cultures group at RMIT University. His research focuses on film/media production as well as its intersections with teaching practice. His PhD is titled THE RIVER PROJECT A Poetics of Eco-Critical Film-Making where he is producing a series of films located around the Snowy River. They are investigating place, the poetics of rivers and the body in water. He is looking at eco-aesthetics, eco-cinema and sustainability in film production. Of importance, is how the environment affects the methods of production and the made film. His work is guided by his principle of making film that treads lightly on the landscape both literally and figuratively.

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Stayci Taylor

Research and studios: Screenwriting theory and practice, gender and cultural studies

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Liam Ward

Academic Advisor, students commenced 2016 and earlier

Course Coordinator: COMM2674 Making Media, COMM2220 Broadcast Media, COMMXXXX Story and Place in Media

Studios and research: Political documentary history and practice, communicating complex ideas

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Rachel Wilson

Studios and research: Media and place, cinema studies, student experience and cohort belonging

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