‘Joy’ follows the filmmakers Nan as she retells a memory from her childhood. Made by Courtney Joyce, this film is a short documentary that utilises found footage and archival materials to take an artistic approach in contrasting images of happy memories with audio of a sad one.

The process of making this film was definitely a huge learning experience.  Although I unfortunately was not able to attend as many on-campus classes as I would have liked, I definitely value the feedback I received in class as it has absolutely shaped what this film became. I found that this film helped me to better my editing skills and consider and utilise experimental techniques a lot more than I would have prior to this studio.

This film is deeply personal, and therefore I found the process of making it not only quite emotional but also extremely rewarding. It helped me to understand my family a bit better, put a lot of things into a different perspective and has brought me closer to my family. This studio has also taught me that documentary is not as straight-forward as I previously thought, and I am excited to watch more documentaries with a new perspective.

I hope you enjoy it!


rmitmediastudent • June 1, 2021

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