the best part of my day

Directed by Patrick Mastalerz, ‘the best part of my day’ acts as a farewell to my life in lockdown and a coming to terms of the ‘back to usual’. I had never been happier than I was in lockdown, and I found myself struggling when transition back to real life. I would often tell myself in the shower that “this is the best part of my day”, whereas in lockdown I treasured every moment of my life, and so the film tells the story of my mental journey through these different key moments in my day.

I found the process of making ‘the best part of my day’ to be very cathartic and eye-opening. Making a documentary on feeling unhappy and ‘off’ mentally helped me to understand why I was feeling those ways. I’m fortunate enough to look back at what I have made and see the progress I have made from the moments that were documented.

rmitmediastudent • May 31, 2021

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