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Who Are You (Theo)

A Summary:
is a short horror film based on an original script written by Joyce Wong.
Directed and edited by Theodore Tan, the film follows a man as he ventures into a forest in search of peace.

The Process:
The film was produced in Singapore under numerous constraints, from tightened COVID-19 restrictions to a general lack of equipment. A large part of the process was therefore in learning to work around and overcome these limitations, which I deeply reflected on in my final blog post.

‘WHO ARE YOU’ was also made in collaboration with my studio leader and classmates. Over a series of consultations, they provided invaluable feedback and multiple suggestions that ultimately helped to improve and shape the overall film.

My Thoughts:
At the time of writing, I hesitate to call this my ‘final film’ as I believe that there is still more I could do with it. Unfinished as it may be, I take great pride in this piece as it amalgamates everything I have come to learn from Deliberate Film over the past 12 weeks.

With that said, here is a quick snippet of my favourite moment from making this film.

Sofia • June 2, 2021

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