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The Call (Kay)

‘The Call’ is a horrific and humorous short story about a man who receives strange phone calls when he arrives home, including a gift that comes out from nowhere. The video shows the character’s story mainly from a third-person perspective, or perhaps in a voyeuristic way. In addition, some scenes switch to an intuitive position that aims to bring the viewer into the uncomfortable feeling of being watched. The story gradually develops into a strange situation when the audience feels in the mood of waiting for the climax. Once the viewer believes that it will end like a normal story. At the end of the whole, it turns out to be just a nonsense joke.

During this project, I found that the use of space and position was essential in filming. I had such a small space to work with, which unable for me to place the camera on the angles that I planned before the shooting. While I start to film the shot, I had to change some of the scenes I planned because I could not place the camera in that position. As a result, some of the scenes didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to be. But after experimenting with different positions and angles, I ended up with the story that I wanted to tell in this film. Thanks to the help of my lovely classmates Jiaxin He and Chiyo for the encouragement they gave me.

Here is the story, enjoy!

rmitmediastudent • June 2, 2021

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