Humpty Dumpty

Assignment 2: Humpty Dumpty

This assignment has two parts, and you should ideally compete it in groups of two or three. If you wish to complete it alone given the difficulties created by the current pandemic and increasing shutdowns, just let me know. If you do complete it as a group, please do so only via online collaborative tools and groupchats. You are not to physically work together, unless you happen to be in a group with your housemate!

Part 01: 

Take a 1-2 minute section from any film that one of you analysed in Assignment 1. It must be a section that includes significant amounts of voice-over. Remove the images, but keep the soundtrack.

Your task is to produce a new sequence of images for the pre-existing soundtrack/voice-over.  Have fun with this, and try not to treat the words too literally. We are trying to find new meanings, not to recreate the previous film.

Part 02:

Your group (or you as an individual)  will also need to write a 500 word document explaining what your new film is about, and how the new images changed the voice-over. You should also attempt to relate this task to any of the material you’ve read from the reading list.

The Final Films:

Erika Zhang & Luke Evans

In this assignment, we had to put images over a pre-existing voice narration from a documentary. To see how a new meaning could be put forward just by changing the visuals. For our group, we used a voice-over that belonged to the documentary film about BTS during their 2017 ‘Wings Tour’. The voice-over itself was spoken by one of the members in the band.
It was spoken with an emotional tone of voice and music. There were sentences like: “our eyes open to new dreams. We race towards an unknown future” and “we burn up every last bit of our energy by the time we finish” and many more. Which led us to decide on highlighting the front-line workers like the medical workers, delivery drivers, policeman and so on- during the pandemic. Trying to transcend a meaning of hope and really just attempting to relate to the matter and to display the hardship.

Ella Williams & Patrick Woodward


‘Hustle’ appropriates audio from the documentary Sheepo (Ian Robertson, 2016), recontextualizing it to illustrate the overwhelming pressure and anxiety social media has on our daily lives. Hustle attempts to shine light on how stressful both posting and viewing social media can be as a source of digital bombardment on the senses. A key process to making this film was finding ways to manipulate the speed and impact of our visuals to match the aggressiveness of sound effects as they come in and out. This assessment helped us as students, learn how narration doesn’t simply have binary perceptions. By learning how narration can be recontextualized through different associations with imagery we grew to understand how subjective an experience hearing different voice overs can be.
Likewise, by playing with how voice over can be used in both metaphorical and literal ways we began to comprehend how versatile it’s application can be.

Annalise Ball, Erin Saunders & Khuram Bilal

Our group assignment for DEMAGOGUES, DOUBTERS AND DOUCHEBAGS. Using a Taylor Swift voice over from her documentary ‘Miss Americana’ and found footage which tells the story of a girl who lost her love due to her drug use. She was an ordinary girl who once had everything, a happy life but something changed along the way and she took a turn down a dark path.


Thomas Staveley, Thomas Ryan & Edward Johnstone

‘Louis Theroux on 5G’

Louis Theroux follows an obscure cult-like group of anti 5G activists

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