Task 1: Making

Imagine three very different full-length documentary films. They can be about absolutely anything. Perhaps, for example, one is a happy piece about an old man whose best friend is an adorable shaggy dog, the second is about the exploitation of child labour in the fashion industry, and the third is an experimental film drawing on the works of a famous philosopher. These are just examples, don’t take them literally.

Now the strange thing about these three imaginary films is that each of them has an opening scene of 2-3 minutes consisting of exactly the same sequence of shots.

You’re going to shoot (and/or use found footage if the lockdown prevents shooting) and edit that scene and lock your edit in place. Then you’re going to write and record those three different voice overs for that scene, without altering the images at all.

The key thing to keep in mind is that each of the three versions of your film needs to be massively different in terms of style, politics, viewpoint, tone, formal qualities, and so forth. Consider everything you’ve read, discussed and seen this semester, and try to express some of that in three distinct films.

Task 2: Reflecting

This is to be compiled as a narrative, and should provide evidence of your work, thinking and making.

The first 200 words (approx) describe what you gained from the studio.

Then, in about 800 words, you will present samples of things you or your group worked on since Week 7 – it could be your pre-production, experiments, clips, scenes, tests. Show me evidence of how the pieces evolved and explain why you made the choices you did. If you worked in a group for this assignment you should allocate part of this 800 words to reflecting on collaboration, if you worked on your own then you should reflect on the nature of individual work.

Appraise how you went with it this semester – its pitfalls, upsides.


The Final Films:

Thomas Ryan

My final documentaries for assignment 4.
The first one encapsulates the abhorrent racism Adam Goodes was put through, throughout his playing days. The second film encapsulates the evolution of football, and how it has changed due to various reasons. The third documentary takes the standpoint of a young boy, who aspires to play AFL.
This was a challenging assignment, and the first of its nature that i’ve had to ever complete. I became quite tedious in the way I wanted my opinions expressed within these documentaries, and the points of views that I wanted to achieve.
It was a valuable process sourcing other people to narrate and speak for it, and I have learnt a lot about how to use Premiere Pro, and also how to write scripts and implement them into video sequences.

Erika Zhang

Video 1: Love, Destiny and Fate
The overall tone of voice was ‘God-like’ with a sense of curiosity. The voice-over in this one has just one voice being the narrator, and the background music is using to set the mood and enhance the words spoken. I also intended to be a bit poetic in this one. This was a bit like a discussion on what love, destiny and fate were.
Video 2: Interviewing my Korean Grandparents
This voice over is done in a conversational manner, where I act as the grandchild asking my grandparents questions (the grandparents’ responses are extracted from a pre-existing YouTube clip, where I translated and pieced together a conversation). The intended mood of this video is nostalgic and a bit sombre yet inspiring.
Video 3: ‘Modern Day Phone’
In this voice over, I speak as if I am trying to sell a product (a phone) I use the terms that are usually used within infomercials. The background music is a 90s infomercial type music. So, it really fits the theme and is what ultimately makes the video appear like an infomercial. The goal was to make it sound comedic.

Luke Evans

This Video explores three different ways in which voiceover can be used as a tool to change the tone and feeling of a documentary. these three voice overs explore 3 different documentary styles. The first video explores the true crime styled documentary about a Girl that goes missing near a creek. The second video explores the investigative styled documentary about Australian Urbanisation. The third video explores a memoir styled documentary about a mans regrets something terrible he did.

Ella Williams & Patrick Woodward

Our video compilation includes three different sub-genres of documentary. Our first film is a true crime documentary following the events of a young daughter who murdered her family. The second is a historical documentary, with the interviewee recalling the events of the 1973 Oil Crisis. The final documentary is an arthouse piece, which is a voicemail recording of a young girl breaking up with her boyfriend.

Annalise Ball

For the class DEMAGOGUES, DOUBTERS AND DOUCHEBAGS, we had to create a 2-3 minute video with 3 different voice overs to create 3 very different documentaries. For mine I chose footage of Echuca and discussed, the Murray Darling Basin, border town during COVID-19 and my brothers experience growing up in Echuca.

Thomas Staveley

Studio: Demagogues, Doubters, and Douchebags
Assignment: 4
Create 3 separate documentary voiceover soundscapes with different genres over the same visual cut.
Sequence One: A classic voice of god exposition with a British female voice, reminiscent of a BBC rock documentary.
Sequence Two: An interview with Brian May. This audio consists of found footage cut in with original questions, moulded to create a back and forth conversation.
Sequence Three: A first-person fabricated monologue from Freddie Mercury, talking about his sexuality. The scripting from this piece pulls from many hours of interviews with Freddie and many minutes of me attempting to voice act one of the most vocally recognisable figures of all time.

Khuram Bilal


Edward Johnstone

Three different voiceovers tell three very different stories.

Erin Saunders

Assignment #4 – triplets, for Demagogues, Doubters and Douchebags class – I attempted to create 3 different films by solely changing the audio.


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