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Where Do We Go When We Don’t Know?

Cuts screened:   Synopsis: Charlie and Amy seek out to escape the stagnancy of their routine lives, however, they soon discover that running away is only a temporary solution. Individual cuts & reflection: Alyssa Bitanga In assignment one, I outlined the goals and desires I wanted out of this studio. I wrote that I wanted…

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Sweet but Pyscho

Sweet But Psycho Alessandro Pinizzotto ‘ The Small Things class has been one of the best studios I had the chance to participate in. Since week 1 we started learning basic but useful information on how to set up our equipment in the most efficient way possible as well as looking ‘cool’ while doing it,…

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Going Up

Film Description ‘Going Up’ is a short student film focused on the planning and execution of a robbery by an established criminal, and a not-so-established criminal. However, the elevator journey to their final destination presents a series of challenges, romantic opportunities and terrifying prospects. Poster Our Favourite Cut The cuts aired at our screening were…

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Red Sonya

Film Description Sonya keeps dreaming about strange things and everything seems related to red objects. Meanwhile, in real life, she is delivered a red bag. After she receives the red bag, everything becomes different. Things that she dreamed about seem to really happen in real life.  Poster Three favourite edits Edited by Astley Tay Red Sonya (Astley) from…

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Film Description Have you ever wanted to run away, maybe join the circus? If you have, then you’ll understand the actions of Simon, the little boy who dreamed of being a performer. Full of excitement and admiration for what happens in the mystical circus world, Simon shows up to a clown interview that doesn’t go…

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