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Film Description

Have you ever wanted to run away, maybe join the circus? If you have, then you’ll understand the actions of Simon, the little boy who dreamed of being a performer. Full of excitement and admiration for what happens in the mystical circus world, Simon shows up to a clown interview that doesn’t go as well as he’d hoped.


Three cuts of the film

Tristans cut


Frankies cut


Nelsons cut


Small Things reflection

Rachel Luo

  • ‘Small Things makes me truly understand that the film making is a rigorous process which needs multiple support, in this studio I learned a lot of professional knowledge which I’ve never learned before, I feel so so appreciate. In this studio I try to operate big and professional cameras in my first time, and fortunately I got the skill of operate them and setting the tripod, though these seemingly simple things took me a lot of time to get started. It’s also my very first time to try to do the work of audio, and I found it very interesting! As the sound is important for filmmaking, the skill of recording is necessary for a film maker, I am glad to have this skill. Moreover I learned a basic light setting skill which is called 3 point light, this one is basic and useful for all the shooting scenes, I would like to use it for my future shooting work as well. I also learned a lot of skills of film editing in Small Things. Paul taught us a brand new way to order the footage and audio, which to create more bins to classify the sources, and this way really helped me to increase my efficiency. Moreover, the trick of “Merge” also makes my editing work, especially edit both video & audio more efficient. Those new skills are all precious for my developments. Lastly I am so appreciate that I have the experience of teamwork, It gives me the chance to learn how to negotiate with others and makes me truly understand the meaning of teamwork’

Francesca Hawkins

  • At first, I thought I learnt a lot more in this studio than I expected. to. However, looking back on my first blog post, I wanted to learn these things all along: “What I want from this studio is to learn some details about lighting and camera technicalities…I’d also like to learn a bit about sound and sound editing for film. It will also be good to get some practice with cinematography, mis en scene and editing.” I got to do all of these things, in more detail than I expected. I learnt how to do roles in a filming scenario that I hadn’t done before, including cinematography, lighting and sound. I gained lots of knowledge about the difficulty and detail that goes into a film, such as the layering of sounds, and the particular pieces of production design that can make or break a shot. I’ve gotta give a shout out to Paul for teaching me the value of a reshoot. I can’t remember how many times he said “you should reshoot” but I know it gave me nightmares- almost as many nightmares as colour grading has given me, which has taken up the most time by far. However, it ended up being a really helpful bit of information that I’ll take with me to other shoots.

Melody Wang

  •  In the beginning, I was worried that we might be unable to deliver the idea of a circus. However, the shooting went pretty smooth after all. Everyone was keyed in to what we were doing, and the vision for the whole storyline was clear in everyone’s mind. The cast that we used are really patient and corporative. Especially for the little boy, he was concentrated for every scene. I imagined it would be harder to work with children, but we have really taken the advices from the presentation day which helped to get our work smooth with him. It was a pleasure to work with all of my teammates.

Tristan Santoro

  • I gained a sense of professionalism from this studio. I felt a purpose in each class that was brought back to this theme of being a professional in all the ‘small things’ that I do. From looking cool whilst setting up equipment, to being direct and assertive on set, to knowing how to avoid the red face flush in post production organisation; I felt as if I have learnt the key steps as to what it takes to be a good operator in the media industry. I believe what this came down to was organisation and concentration. It was evident this semester that planning well early and listening to instructions was key to creating smooth productions. These are the things I will definitely take with me out of the studio, as I believe they are two extremely important factors in any job. Lastly, I have gained an incredible amount of respect for all aspects of the media industry. Each part of every production stage of every film deserves the same amount of concentration. ‘Small things’ has taught me to be just as methodical with coiling a cable as I should be with operating a camera and I think that’s a metaphor I can bring into life outside of media and university.

Nelson Chang

  • Insert reflection

Tanya Setyawan

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-A Risk Management Safety Report can be found here

-This safety report was conducted to display that our location was investigated for any possibilities of harm or unsafe practices. The graph goes through locations, scenes and actions to reflect on any possibilities that may occur, solving the problems before they may arise on set. This safety sheet was also given to the staff of the Bundoora Park, Farm & cafe for their own benefit of knowing our actions on their property.

-An RMIT safety report was also conducted, which can be found here.


Crew photos 

Paul Ritchard • April 17, 2019

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