Starring Ngatupuna David, Harley McDonald-Eckersall and Isabella Marco.

Director – Isaac Beath, Story – Isaac Beath, Producer – Patrick McKee, Editor – Natasha Brock, Director of Photography – Sophia Petropoulos, Camera Assistant and Key Grip – Darcy Foster.


‘In the aftermath of environmental collapse, a reclusive botanist searches for her family and the truth behind a mysterious fungus that has overtaken the Earth’.  


Virulence is a sci-fi/ horror film that follows a reclusive botanist as she searches for her family after a mysterious fungus has overtaken the Earth

Conceptualised by Writer/Director Isaac Beath, Virulence explores concepts of environmentalism, global warming and fanaticism. By extrapolating what would happen if humans continue to neglect or preserve the planet, this short film shows what might happen not just to our society collectively, but how it might shift or strengthen skepticism or spiritual belief.  

We see countless examples of Virulence’s socio-political themes in modern society such as the reluctance many world governments share in tackling climate change and the staunch opposition scientists face in implementing feasible solutions. This film frames these relevant ideals through the lens of a sci-fi/horror short that focuses on familial love and the bond people form during trauma.



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