Let Us Play
Sometimes, growing up means letting go.
Synopsis: Stella’s young and playful world is shaken with a harsh reality when she realises nobody can see her best friend, Sam. Let Us Play travels through the emotional entanglements of imaginary and real-life friends for a nine-year-old. We follow Stella on an emotional journey as she comes to terms with the fact that she will have to choose between the two.
Alexandra La Sala – Director / Cinematographer
Marissa Voo – Producer / Assistant Director / Film Editor
Trong Nguyen – Sound Recordist / Sound Designer
James Lim – Assistant Camera 
Dea Miranti – Continuity 
Gloria Tanuseputra – Continuity
Camille Brunacci – Stella
Sebastian Roughsedge – Sam
Darcy Teese – Chelsea
Jen Farrow – Mother