“Where there’s crime there’s violence, and where there’s youth there’s love”

Synopsis:  Inspired by a number of films and allusions, Juvies is an experimental short on visual and narrative that focuses its notion on the prompt that states, “Where there’s crime there’s violence, and where there’s youth there’s love”. It is a dramatic film that revolves around an adolescent boy and a girl as two main characters that form a relationship in an unlikely place or time. That takes places in a weekly group therapy session within juvenile detention centre, with the characters sharing their thoughts, anxiety, emotions and troubles in life. The guy, being amorphous about his identity is more open and expressive while the girl is an introvert and insecure. As they bond an unlikely friendship, it helps them to feel a sense of belonging in which they were lack of.
Gloria Tanuseputr- Director/Screenwriter
Dea Miranti- Producer
James Lim- Director Of Photography/Cinematography/Editor
Bryan Loh- Assistant DOP
Wrong Nguyen- Sound mixer/Boom operator
Henry Heng- Sound mixer/Boom operator
Marissa Voo- Continuity/Clapper
Alexandra La Sala- Continuity
Thomas Stephen – Ryan
Joanna Sakkas – Julie
Neva Deverapalli – Mum
Alejandro Rodriguez- Counsellor
Sam Deng – Juvenile 1
Bryan Loh – Juvenile 2
Dea Miranti – Juvenile 3