Interactive Marketing

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With the rapid expansion of the internet, marketing for film and television has evolved into interacting with audience as a ploy to advertise the product, and a new mode of distribution marketing. Instead of just stills of the films, or even visual trailers, audiences can interact with  some form of the film  in their daily lives. This is evident in The Dark Knight Campaign (2008) that was an interactive online game for audiences to go through and uncover hints and secrets of the plot of the new film, The Dark Knight. The campaign even employed a fake political tour bus, that promoted one of the film’s central characters.

This interactive form of marketing is again employed in this years The Peanuts Movie, a new take on the classic cartoon. To engage audiences, early, and before it’s worldwide November cinema release, the distribution/marketing sector of the film created away audience could get a personalized peanut version of themselves to have as their profile picture of the internet sensation Facebook.

This way it engages audiences, but always bringing awareness to other users on Facebook about the film when the are able to see their Facebook friend get their own personalized peanut.


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