Media Industries Blog 5 — seminar

Finally, our seminar held on last Friday which was 9th of October.

I was a usher for our seminar, before it start I helped to set up, during the seminar I taken photo for everyone as their working photos.

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The seminar was going well and very successful, and I feel that the cooperation in our group are good as well.  After the seminar, I helped to return all the gears and props.


Thanks our teacher and guest and everyone for the effort and time that have been put in over the past few weeks!




Media Industries Blog 4 — seminar rehearsal

We did a rehearsal two days before the final seminar which was Wednesday night, because of the main idea of the seminar is ‘the United Nations’, so that we bought a lots different countries flags and decide how could we put them would be the best way when camera shooting. Also we have to figure out how to put the sofas, coffee table and host’s chairs due to we have four guests and hosts, it was take a bit time. Then I helped Vicson to set the light and finally we decided to use one key light  on the side of first roll in the theater and one back light on the back side of the host’s chair.



Media Industries Blog 3 — poster done

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I have been sick for week 6 group meeting and Aki did a poster for our group during this week. Although, I still design two more posters for our group for more options and promotional materials. I used the style of Aki’s poster to finished this two finally.

  1. The yellow one, I used different countries flags make it as a tree to reflect that our seminar is international jobs and finding jobs abroad.
  2. The second one,  I leave the passport elements in the poster and try to make it more refresh.

Media Industries Blog 2 — First Draft Poster

I did a draft poster during a week, I tried to use several different countries passports and visa stamps as the main elements and a man’s hand who try to get out of a jail as a background. However, I suppose to let audience feel our main idea of the seminar ”get me out of here!” But most of my group members thought that was too dark and criminal, so I started think about a new way.


Media Industries Blog 1 —group meeting

International jobs, I am a media graduate; get me out of here, finding jobs aboard.

This week we talk about the topic and structures, then decide who to doing what. Fortunately, we got three candidates for the seminar, and we will contact them with in these two weeks.


My first work is to create a poster for our seminar, and I will make a draft poster next and make a final one by week 6. Because our topic is finding jobs aboard, with this topic, first come to my mind is all different kinds of passport and visa stamps in the world. So firstly, I think I will use these kind of elements to create the poster.