Week 1 Recount

2 – 6 March


RMIT. Week 1.

I will start off with a painting of my thoughts, followed by an ‘out-of-ten’ score on my week and finish with my top moments. Picture a reverse-wilting of a winter rose; the withered flower regaining its lost petals through a magnetic pull. I remember sitting ‘watching’ WICKED – awe-inspired and fiercely emotional – and when Elpheba was brought forth from the trap door by Fiyero (the Scarecrow), after Dorothy ‘killed’ her, I felt a gargantuan wave of unanimous felicity exuding from the entire audience. That is how I felt after my first week studying Media. So academically and study-related, I feel nine-out-of ten (I’m a pessimist and no one can ever be a ten). Moments from the first week that contributed to this momentary internal bliss the most are: making an incredible new friend through our instantaneous connection within the first 10 seconds of meeting her; absolutely content with all of my tutors and lecturers; engaging in intellectual discussion about film and stories across other mediums; and watching The Wizard of Oz (1939) in my first lecture of course!

On a personal note, I am slowly starting to put into practice advice that has been given to me from some close friends. I have started to finally distance myself (out of context this sounds negative however I can assure you it is allowing me to keep a clear head and focus on the imperatives in my life).

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